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Aurora Story

Aurora Story

Aurora Dionis, Vegan Medical Beautician, developed a 100% natural vegan skin care. She knows what it is to have a skin that feels no pleasant, she himself had skin problems for years. Aurora Dionis Skincare offers effective vegan treatment and care from dermatological expertise and suitably different skin problems. For some skin problems it can compile a fully customized treatment and care product and can work together with your practitioner such as a dermatologist.



The products of Aurora Dionis Dermacosmetics are handmade and as fresh as possible. Aurora has its own production space where they make small runs by hand. She only works with professional equipment, such as sterilizers to make the air sterile, sterilizers to make the equipment and vials sterile, mixers, fill machines, bushing closer and has a special sterile and hygienic space. As a result, her products combine the best of two worlds: the craftsmanship of small-scale production and the professionalism of a factory.