Reviews Oncology

Dear Aurora,
as you've seen - 2 malignant cancer skin tumors are removed at me - any on my mind and one on my right tibone.
and once you once "Cancer" - In whatever way - you don't get off.
So also a "small emerging" cancer sluts between my "male breasts" appeared on my breastbone.
and of course thought of you "Oils" in particular the "Nourishing Oil Serum" - which I immediately "steeped" "soaked" .......... And dear aurora ... the cancer sweats every day "shrinks" - and disappears to I hope.
Also applied to a small sweat on my left "above hand" - which has disappeared completely .......... In other words ... .. your "Nourishing Oil Serum" does skin cancer swears in the "correct way" disappear.
Is this not "remarkable"?
Jan from Amersfoort

Aurora, it's really a miracle how you can make a skin shine! Seriously, even my chemo-pills seriously dried out and inflamed facial skin looks completely healthy! Thanks to your actually unsurpassed knowledge of the profession! And the absolute great products with which you work. Before I discovered you, I had already tried everything. First at the pharmacy ... tastes of their so-called responsible brands, but they didn't improve anything. Then went to the perfumery ... kindly helped and bought one of the most luxurious creams. That was very expensive, but did not help at all. And in the meantime, my skin always looked.
Until I ended up with you, you first thoroughly studied my skin and take me the free experiments. Within a week the improvements were already visible! I never need that mess of the pharmacy or perfumery and never another beautician! And I'm not the only one who recommends you to everyone! Was recently at a party, spoke with knowledge about health and skin problems, and she says, "I really have a very good beautician." I had just discovered you and was actually not interested, but asked for the politeness about who she had it then ... she said, "Aurora" !!!
Sophie from Hilversum

Susanne from Loenen

The Aloe Vera Tonic and Jojoba Oil work great! They ensure lighting and amazing rapid recovery on damaged skin. You actually have to try to believe it, really top!
Ronald from Loosdrecht

Good morning aurora,
a few years ago I started to get a lot of skin problems. This had to do with heavy chemotherapy, which got my skin thin and very sensitive. I tried all kinds of different day creams from famous brands, but the problems only get worse. Through family members I ended up at Aurora. She recognized my skin problem and managed to ensure that the problems became less serious with the right facials and creams. After a while my skin was cooled again and better. I still have to be careful that my skin does not dry out, but thanks to these products I can take care of her very well. I am very happy with the quality of the products that Aurora sells, but also with her fantastic service: she is always friendly, sweet and helpful and she knows a lot of things. She also knows a lot about skin problems (for example, caused by diseases). She follows all kinds of courses so that her knowledge always stays up to date and that is noticeable. Her help has brought me more than the expertise of a few dermatologists! Nowadays I buy all my skin care products and makeup at Aurora and I can recommend that anyone!
Mieke from Hilversum

Dear Aurora, Apart from the fact that a treatment in your chair is an insanely tasty treatment, I am also very happy that you have discovered a sun damage on my Wang! I, which usually searches for the shadow under the parasol, can apparently also develop a dangerous skin spot ... TXS Aurora for your loving!
Suzanne from Hilversum

Huidtype: Vet

Kenmerken van een vet huidtype op een rijtje:

• glimt vrij snel

• de poriën zijn duidelijk te zien

• toont op latere leeftijd rimpels

• kan na reinigen droog, trekkerig aanvoelen en glimt daarna weer snel 

• is relatief dik 

• heeft sneller last van puistjes en/of onzuiverheden

• heeft geregeld zwarte puntjes

Het gebruik van probiotica, alfahydroxyzuur (AHA), silicium, magnesium, vetzuren en cermamidem helpen de vette huid herstellen en de poriën verfijnen van de huidstructuur.