We are a Family Business Fully Established in Hilversum, Netherlands for about 13 years. Due to recent high international demand, we are in the process of translating and giving access to our online shop to english speakers. Do Not Hesitate to Contact Us for Questions on International Shipping.

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Skin care

Cleaning for all skin types

Step 1
& Nbsp; 001 Nourishing Cleanser & Nbsp; - All Skin Types & Brvbar; Cleaning enlightening nutritious.
Make the face wet with lukewarm water.
Take two pumps 001 Nourishing Cleanser in the hands and massage with rotary movements over the face until the dirt and / or makeup comes loosen. Remove the product with a wet washcloth and / or spong. Repeat the cleaning not all the dirt is away.

Step 2 (the first days 1x day, then 2 x week)
Multipurpose Clay & Nbsp; - All Skin Types & Brvbar; Cleaning recovery enlightening
wet the face with lukewarm water. Mix 1 part clay with 2 parts of water to a paste. Apply the clay evenly to the face and massage with rotating movements until the dirt and make up. Rinse the face well with lukewarm water and remove clay remains with a wet washcloth.

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