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Skin with medication

In the period of irradiation or chemotherapy, many people get a drier and more sensitive skin, often skin problems such as pimples, flakes and different inflammation. They become bleacher, more grazing and pigmentation. Haren falls out, sometimes the eyelashes and eyebrows, so that people can really seen sick. Aurora Dionis Dermacosmetics can contribute to the care of this very sensitive skin. With the reinforcing and caring skin products, and, if necessary, skin treatments, the skin becomes stronger, egaler and softer. With a suitable make-up, patients can look good despite the chemotherapy.

Treatment for sensitive skin during irradiation or chemotherapy.

There are various treatments for sensitive skin that results be able to give. First of all, an extensive skin analysis is made and a treatment plan has been drawn up with the various options.

The choice can fall on:
sewing and cleaning the skin with very mild ingredients, soft peeling or a combination of the above options.

draining massage, mask, day care and advice for home.

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