Sensitive skin

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A sensitive skin can provide you with a lot of problems. Do you experience pain or discomfort when you dry or touch the skin? Do you experience sensitive skin in the face or do you also experience higher sensitivity to arms and legs? You are certainly not alone in this. Many Dutch people suffer from sensitive skin and the complaints can be caused by various factors. Of course it is important to find out, causing the complaints of sensitive skin. Do you know that the use of creams and skin care products often causes sensitive skin? We are happy to explain this.

Natural or synthetic products

Many people make daily use of skin care products. The well-known brands can be found in the vast majority of Dutch bathrooms. It is often thought that it is natural products that prevent sensitive skin, but in reality it is often about synthetic products that exacerbate sensitive skin. Synthetic ingredients can be processed harder by the skin. After a longer period of use, the skin will protest and to become sensitive or irritated. Sensitive skin can be restored within a few weeks by using powerful 100% natural skin care products.

Various complaints with sensitive skin

If you suffer from sensitive skin, this can express themselves in multiple ways. Often the skin becomes red. By becoming red, the skin releases an alarm signal and shows that it is irritated. The blood vessels are more angled by the inflammatory mediators, such as cytokines and histamine, and so permanent red spots on the skin. Do you see that your skin will show red spots? Then stop using all care products and visit a professional to solve the problem.

Other signals of sensitive skin

Of course there are other signals that indicate sensitive skin. Another many heard complaint is a 'stunning' feeling. This is a sign that your skin has a deficiency of moisture. You can also experience a burning sensation. This feeling can be caused by several factors. For example, external influences, such as cold, heat or wind, can ensure this burning sensation, but you can also suffer from delicate blood vessels. The skin can also be red and sensitive by an allergic reaction or an insect bite.

Handling sensitive skin

Treat sensitive skin makes it best with natural skin care products. You certainly come to the right place for this. By choosing powerful 100% natural care products for your skin you choose not only for the best for your sensitive skin, but also for the environment. Meet the natural products of Aurora Dionis directly? Then look at the Online assortment from our web store. < / p>

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Huidtype: Vet

Kenmerken van een vet huidtype op een rijtje:

• glimt vrij snel

• de poriën zijn duidelijk te zien

• toont op latere leeftijd rimpels

• kan na reinigen droog, trekkerig aanvoelen en glimt daarna weer snel 

• is relatief dik 

• heeft sneller last van puistjes en/of onzuiverheden

• heeft geregeld zwarte puntjes

Het gebruik van probiotica, alfahydroxyzuur (AHA), silicium, magnesium, vetzuren en cermamidem helpen de vette huid herstellen en de poriën verfijnen van de huidstructuur.