Fighting acne with vegan skin care

Acne bestrijden met vegan huidverzorging

Acne reducing natural and vegan mode is a wish of many. Many people who suffer from acne are experienced daily. Not only does the acne ensure the necessary skin complaints, but also with a view to the cosmetic aspect, acne are particularly annoying. Acne is an inflammatory reaction of the skin and can prevent more or lesser extent. The inflammatory reaction ensures the formation of pimples and blackheads.

How does acne arise?

Acne arises in the puberty in most cases. During this period many boys and girls suffer from pimples, also known as youth plaants. These finally disappear again, but this is often not the case when there is acne. Men and women between 30 and 40 years old can also experience a lot of problems from acne. Acne is created when there is an inflammatory response in the sebaceous glands, where the tallow is created. Androgens send the sebaceous glands and this process starts in puberty. With a higher production of androgens, the sebaceous glands become more active and this can cause a blockage at the output that is located on the skin surface. Ultimately, this can lead to an inflammatory reaction and so the emergence of stubborn acne begins.

Power supply influence on acne

There are many factors in daily life that can aggravate acne, but of course to reduce acne is also possible by paying attention to these factors in daily life. The diet is a good example of this. For example, sweets, cookies, milk products, whitlowers and fast food ensure a worsening of acne, while pure food eating helps in support to dive acne. Products that show an ingredient list with ingredients on the packaging can generally be avoided better. You better choose whole grains, less dairy products (yogurt is good), seeds, nuts, fruit, vegetables and organic meat.

Natural Vegan Treatment Acne

acne can be reduced by vegan nature skin care. In the first place, 'home remedies' can reduce the complaints of acne. Examples of these domestic agents are apple vinegar, baking soda, ice cream and green smoothie. However, to get the acne under control, it is possible to treat the acne with the help of the right skin products products such as vegan high-end aloe vera gel or serum. You can find these products in the Aurora Dionis web store.

Pure nature vegan acne products

Aurora Dionis Dermacosmetics has coordinated vegan pure natural products available in the webshop for treating and reducing acne. These are 100% natural and highly concentrated, so that you can of course reduce acne without getting problems with allergic reactions. You can easily order online, but feel free to contact us for personal advice. For optimum advice we recommend that you make an appointment at our clinic in Hilversum, aurora dionis, vegan medical beautician.

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Huidtype: Vet

Kenmerken van een vet huidtype op een rijtje:

• glimt vrij snel

• de poriën zijn duidelijk te zien

• toont op latere leeftijd rimpels

• kan na reinigen droog, trekkerig aanvoelen en glimt daarna weer snel 

• is relatief dik 

• heeft sneller last van puistjes en/of onzuiverheden

• heeft geregeld zwarte puntjes

Het gebruik van probiotica, alfahydroxyzuur (AHA), silicium, magnesium, vetzuren en cermamidem helpen de vette huid herstellen en de poriën verfijnen van de huidstructuur.