Compact set - Sensitive skin / Very sensitive skin, 5 high-end products



We have the most extensive variant in product line mini packing per skin type with no less than 20% discount in Supersale from Û 51.29 for Û 41.00.

a compact set with complete care for day and night! The composition is aimed at sensitive to highly sensitive skin. The set is ideal as a gift, travel package or to get acquainted with full high-end care from the Aurora Dionis Dermacosmetics product line. The new Nourishing Shea lipballm is supplied free of charge.

All ingredients are identical to those within the entire product line and the complete set: high -ing Pure & amp; Vegan ingredients. The compact set offers a care between 10-20 days depending on use.

with additional orders such as the N ¡ 10 Primrose Soap or the Aurora Dionis Dermacosmetics Beauty bag is the price including extra discount.

Special for

Specially compiled for (very) sensitive skin. All products have a 100% natural composition and contain allergy free ingredients.

The sets are tailored to the chosen skin type in which or no (fuller) power supply, responding (allergic) skin versus introducing active active substances.
The n ¡ 9 Multipurpose Clay is a pure and effective means for many skin problems.

Specialty for:
¥ sensitive and highly sensitive skin < Span Data-MCE fragment = "1">
¥ pimples
¥ Schraal, red and irritated skin
¥ itching
¥ burning
¥ craquelŽ skin
¥ fine lines
¥ Dull skin
¥ some vale and / or thicker skin
¥ poor skin elasticity ¥ Superficial skin discoloration
¥ Superficial pigment spots on

* Opsomming comes from the operation of the individual products within the compact set.

Additional information

High-end skincare

Our high-end skincare is determined by the use of concentrated high-quality ingredients. Aurora Dionis is responsible for quality and production. By producing cost effective, the special products are accessible to a wide audience.
Ingredients of Aurora Dionis DermaCosmetics are:
¥ fresh, pure
> ¥ Vegetable, vegan
¥ of the best available quality
¥ Without perfume and essential oils
> ¥ Without parabens or silicone
¥ without hormone disruptive substances
¥ without microplastics
¥ without toxic Ingredients
¥ Not genetically modified
¥ Not tested on animals

Aurora Dionis DermaCosmetics products / ingredients have certifications such as: Allergycertified, Ecocert, Skal Bio Control, Demeter, BDIH, ICEA, Econtrol and Vegan. < / Span>

User manual

This package composition for all skin types is the choice for a complete skin care for day and night.

  1. Cleaning and Makeup Remove with the N ¡ 1 Nourishing Cleanser
  2. Revitalizing with the N ¡ 8 Hyaluronic water
  3. hydrate with the n ¡ 3 soothing aloe serum
  4. feeding and taking care of n ¡ 5 Nourishing Skin Oil Serum Very Sensitive Skin
  5. Alter: Clean, scrub or mask with the N ¡ 9 Multy purpose clay

    Extra: our new lip care nourishing shea lipballm is included.

* Details per product are listed by clicking on the link per product.

Read Here a user manual or for follow the links per product



N ¡ 1 Nourishing Cleanser - All Skin Types 5ml
n ¡ 9 Multy Purpose Clay (Mask / Scrub) - All Skin Types 15 GR

N ¡ 8 Hyaluronic Water - All Skin Types 5ml
N ¡ 3 SAS Refreshing Aloe Vera Serum High Concentration Very Sensitive Skin Types 5ml

food and care
N ¡ 5 Nourishing Skin Oil Serum Very Sensitive Skin Types 5ml

Nourishing Shea Lipbalm 10gr


The complete set comes with a more than 10% discount on loose Sales and a free sponge. With the completion of the complete set, extras can be ordered with a high discount. These are the aurora dionis dermacosmetics luxury beauty bag with a 25% discount and the n
¡ 10 primrose soap with 15% discount (at first order we deliver a free soap stretch).

List of ingredients
* Details per product are mentioned by clicking on the link per product.

The products contain the ingredients such as those of the Aurora Dionis Allergy Certified products. The entire product line is vegan.

Order information

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What is the delivery time?
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Huidtype: Vet

Kenmerken van een vet huidtype op een rijtje:

• glimt vrij snel

• de poriën zijn duidelijk te zien

• toont op latere leeftijd rimpels

• kan na reinigen droog, trekkerig aanvoelen en glimt daarna weer snel 

• is relatief dik 

• heeft sneller last van puistjes en/of onzuiverheden

• heeft geregeld zwarte puntjes

Het gebruik van probiotica, alfahydroxyzuur (AHA), silicium, magnesium, vetzuren en cermamidem helpen de vette huid herstellen en de poriën verfijnen van de huidstructuur.