We are a Family Business Fully Established in Hilversum, Netherlands for about 13 years. Due to recent high international demand, we are in the process of translating and giving access to our online shop to english speakers. Do Not Hesitate to Contact Us for Questions on International Shipping.

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Skin improvement Divers Information and treatment


pamper or treat the skin? Aurora Dionis is Medical beautician and expert in the field of skin sensitivities. The modern salon in the heart of Hilversum is equipped with all modern equipment. Also for permanent hair removal or microdermabrasion, anti-aging (rejuvenation).
Is the skin ready for a gentle indulgence and care? Aurora Dionis can provide this.

A targeted treatment can be to boost the mature 50+ skin.
With that the skin gets support to hold moisture and with active ingredients. In the webshop, the Cellished Products for the 50+ skin here .

Within Aurora Dionis Dermacosmetics, many years of experience in both treatment development has been tailored to 100% natural products.

Additional information

Aurora Dionis has many years of experience in developing and conducting specialized treatments. Read more here.

When it comes to a first treatment of the base is a skin analysis. The first treatment often contains a depth cleaning. In consultation, a plan is discussed how to fulfill whether with support in the salon wishes or complaints can be treated.

Used products
Aurora Dionis Dermacosmetics has coordinated vegan pure natural products used during treatment. In the event of a first treatment without costs for more than a week, products are provided to take care of the skin.

The products are 100% natural and highly concentrated, so that you can of course reduce acne without suffering from allergic reactions. Aurora Dionis themselves on quality and production.

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Ingredients by Aurora Dionis Dermacosmetics are:
¥ Fresh, pure
¥ Vegetable, Vegan
¥ Of the best available quality
¥ Without Perfume and essential oils
¥ Without parabens or silicone
¥ without hormone-driven substances
¥ Without microplastics
¥ without toxic in Gredients
¥ Not genetically modified
¥ Not tested on animals

Aurora Dionis DomaCosmetics products / ingredients have certifications such as: Allergycertified, Ecocert, Skal Bio Control, Demeter, BDIH, ICEA, EcoControl and Vegan.

make an appointment

Choices upon appointment and payment online settling:
  • choice employee
    - aurora dionis - medical beautician
    - emina - All-round beautician
    - New Year's Eve-Trainees Beautician * See discount promotion at the bottom of the
  • page
  • Choice which service / treatment
    - becomes visible when following the steps
  • Choice date / time
    - Available data and times are visible when following the steps.
When booking online, the appointment and payment are arranged in one go.

Take by telephone < Span Data-MCE fragment = "1"> Contact to W ANNERER Unclear which treatment is appropriate. The booking and payment can be settled in the salon.

Appointment and payment online

See all treatments and rates here

* We have been accompanying enthusiastic and competent trainees for more than 10 years to decline certified their studies according to the applicable qualifications of the Anbos. Our trainees give personal and expert attention and this introduction wants to appreciate Aurora Dionis. Four face treatments completed by one of our trainees gives the right to an interesting discount on products with a maximum of Û 50. Read more about this action here .

In the event of any questions or problems, take a while Contact op?


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