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psoriasis is a chronic and recurring disease where irritated stains on the body and the scalp created that are covered with silver-shades of gray. These oval-shaped wounds lie on the skin and can become centimeters to decimeters large. The diseases can come up in phases and again, whereby recovery and aggravation alternate each other in irregular periods.

There is much unclear about the causes and solutions of psoriasis. In combination with (medical) treatments, nutrition with many antioxidants can contribute to the recovery of the house and prevent recovery. Fat food, meat, alcohol, strong herbs and foods with preservatives and additives can be recommended. Fruits and vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, fish and crustaceans and shellfish are recommended. Omega3 supplements of algae or capsules with eventprimrosis oil can work anti-inflammatory.

Psoriasis Treatment
There are various treatments for psoriasis that can give good results. First of all, an extensive skin analysis is made and a treatment plan has been drawn up with the various options.

The choice can fall on:
sewing and cleaning the skin with very mild ingredients, soft peeling or a combination of the above options.

draining massage, mask, day care and advice for home.